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How Anxiety Makes You Sick (and Some Things You Can Do About It)

People all over the world are more anxious and stressed than ever.

Stress/anxiety-related illnesses like anxiety, panic disorders, chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome, Fibromyalgia, obesity, heart disease and even cancer are on the increase, and people who recover from these conditions typically find that radical anxiety-reduction is a major part of their recovery. 


So…Here’s why…

Scientifically, there are two types of stress: Eustress and Distress.

  • Eustress is “good stress.” It’s the kind of stress you feel when your muscles are exercising at a new weight level, or when you’re about to meet someone interesting and important for the first time. Eustress is short-term and, usually, enjoyable or exciting.


Distress is exactly what it sounds like. Not very Nice.

  • Distress: In today’s modern society, there are many things that cause our bodies, hearts and minds distress. And this distress is often long-term, ongoing or chronic, and not very pleasant at all. And if it goes on too long, distress invariably leads to disease.


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